From Then to Now

How Urban Alternatives Came to Be!



Thomas R. Viere

Thomas R. Viere founds Port Glasgow Inc. with a purchase of a 42 unit building in the Uptown neighborhood.


Port Glasgow Inc. expands and acquires its first West Side building and adding on a workforce of two.


The first Port Glasgow office opens in 1998, expanding the company with 5 employees.

Roman L. Viere joins Port Glasgow Inc. as Vice President.

Roman | Vice President


Urban Alternatives Office

Urban Alternatives Inc. is founded as a management company.


Urban Alternatives acquires its first South Suburban property in Blue Island, IL.

Wins the “Good Neighbor’s Award”, from the Chicago Association of Realtors.

Good Neighbor Award Winner - NAR


Urban Alternatives expands to 300 units and 15 staff members.


Urban Alternatives continues to develop, acquiring another 203 units – totaling 500 units.


Tommy Viere comes on board as partner.


Urban Alternatives developed its first Sales Office.


Urban Alternatives extends to the West Suburban area acquiring properties in Maywood and Berwyn.


Tommy Viere is appointed as president of Urban Alternatives & Leonor Borja joins the family business as the CFO.

Tommy Viere | President
Leonor | CFO


Marquette | Miller Beach Apartments

Urban Alternatives invests in AppFolio, a property management software, to improve efficiency and customer relations.

Urban Alternatives extends to North West Indiana obtaining properties near Miller Beach and also renovates Offices for productivity purposes.


We now have a staff of 25 consisting of 8 office personnel including Property Managers and Administration, and a full maintenance crew of 17.

we currently manage 900+ units in our many locations in the Austin Neighborhood of Chicago, South and West Suburbs of Chicago and North West Indiana.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful adventure!